Academic Success Workshop

The academic success workshops are tailored to each participant. It aims to increase the study skills among participants and trains them to set and pursue their academic goals. 

Financial Literacy Workshop

The financial literacy workshops are to expand students’ understanding of money management strategies to empower them to make wise and informed financial decisions.

Professional Development Workshop

The goal of the career success workshops is to grow students' understanding of various career options and to create networking opportunities for job placements.

Public Speaking Workshop

Our public speaking workshops assist our participants through exercises and practice. We aim to prepare our participants to share their story to create  change and to develop and articulate their mission statements. 

Community Service Workshop

We take a new spin on service learning. TwInspire create opportunities for participants to understand the needs of their community. We partner with local non-profit organizations to allow our young adults to put their skills to use. 

Personal Branding Workshop

Everyone wants the next opportunity but it's requires a lot more networking and social media skills

With this workshop we aim to grow participants' personal, professionals and social brands. We will engaging in meaningful discussions of ethic and values. We also provide young entrepreneurs with mentors in their industry.

Become a twinspire mentor

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